Soniyacha Umbara (2006)  
  A 389 Episodes Daily Soap for ETV Marathi, Hyderabad. Won 6 awards after being nominated for 7 categories in MATA SAMMAAN 2007 including BEST SERIAL, BEST STORY, BEST DIRECTION, BEST CAMERAMAN, BEST TITLE SONG, BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS.  
  Vasudha (2003)  
  A Daily soap for ETV – Marathi (169 episodes) directed by “Mandar Devasthali”, and Ashish Patil. Won MATA Awards 2004 in 2 categories and was nominated for 5 categories.  
  TVs Suzuki  
  This TV Commercial won Suzuki Gold Prize 1987 Suzuki International Advertising Contest JAPAN. Produced, directed & Photographed by Venugopal K. Thakker.  
  Rangula Kala  
  This film won National award – Rajat Kamal for the Best Telugu Feature Film – 1983. Photographed by Venugopal K. Thakker.  
  Advantage Amritraj  
  This documentary won the Best Sports Film Diploma of Merit International sports Film Festival, Panama City, 1978. Photographed by Venugopal K. Thakker.  
  Tobacco Habits & Oral Cancer  
  This film won National Award – Rajat Kamal for the Best Educational Film in 1977. The film also had the priviledge of Honble mention at Copenhagen International Science Films Festival. (Produced and Photographed by Venugopal K. Thakker)