Atul & Amita are a happy & proud couple to have a 4 years old son Anish. Atul & Amita are very much in love and life becomes much more blissful due to their son Anish, making them into a perfect happy family. Anish gets admitted in a Kindergarten school. Atul’s neighbour retired army office Col. Sharma develops attachment with Atul’s family. Col. Sharma’s granddaughter Binny also becomes a friend of Anish. One day while returning from school Anish and Binny find a puppy. They start taking care of the Puppy together. The team of Anish, Binny & the Puppy (Tommy) get quite noticed in the colony.

One day Atul meets with a minor accident along with his son Anish. In this accident Anish gets injured. There was quite a bit of bleeding and, so he needed blood transfusion to be given. Atul & Amita get caught in a nerve-racking situation. Doctor advised them not worry as one of them can donate (give) blood as generally one of the parent’s blood groups can match with the kid. But after repeated blood test none of their blood group matched with Anish’s. The doctor starts pondering over this problem because in a situation like this the baby may not be really the child of the parents. Atul & Amita were taken aback. Anyway the blood donation came in. But this incident leads to a situation of tension between the couple. The bond of trust gets shattered.

Atul’s mind gets clouded with doubts. Unwillingly for him Amita’s entire credibility & integrity is now questionable. How can she? He does not have the courage to confront her; Amita is hurt with the changed behavior of Atul. Under these circumstances Amita gets suffocated since Atul does not tell her anything about what is in his mind. Inspite of self-control she is not able to refrain from this awkward situation. The inner conflicts are getting expressed somewhere else. Once Anish was Atul’s darling son but now the emotion is altered. Anish, the innocent kid is unaware of the emotional turmoil of his parents. He is busy with his school & his own world of Tommy & Binny. He does not know that he has become the thorn in Atul’s heart.

Before the bond of love & trust could break, out of the blue Atul receives a phone call. The phone call was from the maternity hospital where Anish was born. The called Atul & Amita urgently. They left immediately for the maternity hospital. When they entered the doctor’s cabin there they found a couple with their kid. The kid was of Anish’s age only. The eye of kid’s mother was searching for someone else.

Finally the other lady asks Amita why she did not bring her son? A surprised Amita was about to ask something before that the doctor reveals the truth. The cloud of doubt on Atul’s mind gets cleared. The doctor tells that Mrs. Sawant had given birth to a baby boy on the same day as Amita. Due to the hospital’s staffs mistake the children got exchanged. Hearing this Atul breathed a sigh of relief but they are in a fix now since they have to party with Anish. Atul and Amita get convinced after the doctors technically prove the mistake with the help of all the details of blood report birth report & birthmarks etc.

Amita takes Deepak the other child into her arms and fondles him. What are the parents supposed to do now? Can they give up the children they have brought up and loved them so much? The film tries to answer these questions in the end.