Vasudha is a saga of a woman who gains in strength and confidence through the travail of trying situations and social confrontations. She is Vasudha. Vasudha is the neglected and abused fourth daughter of the family. She grows up like an untouchable, abused by her elder sisters and parents too. She finds some love in her maternal grandfather! But he too dies and she becomes a lonely child! Her father marries her off to the wayward son of the landlord for some silver coins. After being married she is treated by her husband as nothing but a source of gratification of his lust and physical needs, for the sanctity of marital status she even has to tolerate the presence of a concubine and she becomes a young mother of three children. Circustances become all the more intolerable when her husband’s sister arrives and one day she decides to leave the house itself, why? for the same old reason she has not given them their heir a son. But she does not break, she does not become despondent she takes hold of her life, comes to the town and starts doing odd jobs to maintain her family. And as luck would have it, even the concubine dies in her lap giving her the responsibility of bringing up her own child.

She is jeered and abused by her neighbours for living alone, for the daily visitation of Prasad. Her childhood friend whom she could not marry. She stands against these odds and faces them squarely with dignity and fortitude! She has to wander for jobs. She gets odd jobs and suffers all sorts of humiliation and torture, mental and physical. But she proves to be the blade of a grass, which bends but not breaks! She goes through this gamut of experiences in life because she has faith in her God and herself and succeeds she will in life.

We strongly recommend you to be a part of would be the successful blockbuster TV serial. The cast of the serial has all the latest stars of the Marathi Cinema and serials who command audience.

For example “Daamini” fame Pratiksha Lonkar, Tushar Dalvi, Ashok Shinde, Arun Nalavade, Manjusha Godse, Jayant Savarkar, Harsha Khanvilkar etc. We have shot on locations outside Mumbai to get the right ambience, and for a Marathi serial the amount of production values we have in the program, we understand, is for the first time. For further details please contact the marketing call of ETV Marathi in Mumbai or Hyderabad.