Soniyacha Umbara

Maharashtra of the great heritage of History, Culture and Traditions. In the valley of Sahayadri range, so many beautiful villages are located. Surrounded by flowing rivers

Soniyacha Umbara this story happen in the same surrounded village. Period of the story is Past independence i.e. 1960-65 and onwards. This village is also an ideal village with all rich moral, traditional, cultural and educational values. All villages are having there own currage and trust due to cause of ‘Pandurang Desai’ a metallic person aticty of the area. Desai resides in the house, which is known as Desai’s Wada.

Desai’s house is like as a small kind of fort - huge story structure with tall teakwood pillars. These pillars are nothing but the characters of this wada. Beautiful architecturally designed house.

When we enter the house after the crossing the last dare stop. We found this is nothing but a “Soniyacha Umbara”

‘Pandurang Desai’ is the family head of all Desai’s, more over than he is the head of his village also and village is like a to him. He gave the love, affection and trust by all angles.

Pandurang Desai is staying with.
Radhakka – is the elder sister of Pandurang Desai. She is a child widow. She knows the traditional knowledge of Ayurveda and with the help of this knowledge she helps all poor ones. She is like as mother to the all villages.

Pandurang Desai’s Wife – Sushila – is the ideal combination of Indian ideal woman. She is having three sons and one daughter. Here she gives a shelter to an orphan child like ‘Shesha’. She is like a mother to her daughter in law ‘Shaku’. Sushila is like a pillar of this wada, which she bears all responsibilities of the house on her own shoulder.

Narhari – the elder son of Pandurang and Sushila Deasi. By profession he is a Lawyer. He believes the all values and respect of his house and he takes care of all the values and responsibilities of the house. Being as a husband and father he is a very caring and living towards his wife and son. And being as a elder son and elder brother he obeys all the responsibilities on his shoulder.

Second one is Narayan – is a school teacher very much disciplined character in his life but some where he is like a ‘Sanayasi’

Third one is Shrihari – Shrihari is the last but one child of the couple. He left the wada for his education and settled in a town. Somewhere he is a modern generation representative. He loves his parents, family but he denies the old costumes and traditional values.

Last one is ‘Gayatri’ – Gayatri wants to take more education up to graduation but she insist to marry with Gopal, after marriage she faces the cyclone of bad obstacles. But she faces all the problems, with her own courage.

‘Shaku’ is the most important character of Desai’s house. Shaku is the wife of elder son ‘Narhari’. She is an ideal Indian daughter in law. She bounds all the family with her love and hardship towards the house. Somewhere she gives against her husband to save the families status. Narhari and Shaku is having only one son – ‘Kittu’.

Gopal, Sukannya, Sharda, Yamunakka, Ranjita all realeted characters enter in the family with different relations. And here one by one the stories of this house starts to left there space.

Babu Seth, Deshpande and the Patil of this village starts hammering on the house with there bad activities and here all the house shaken out……

In this progressive era, in the democratic thoughts, with new changes of law, in side traditional values and outside urbanized values can this Desai’s house bare all these?…?…