Roomani Duniya

“Roomani Duniya”, the most popular series of novels in Urdu written in 1950s & 60s. The popularity was so immense that the series of novels were read from the least literate to college students & even the well-educated adults. We are producing a TV serial based on one of these novels under the title Roomani Duniyan. The 1st novel “Majbooriyan” is being short in 9 episodes. It could be a parallel to any mega-soap of today like “Sas bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi” as regards reader ship & popularity in an era when there was no television except a broad cast of radio programs.

Roomani Duniyan, it is a romantic comedy covering the society of 1950s & 60s with a wider character base in each novel from all socio-economic strata. It may be college students, rich or poor. This series depicts pain, pleasure, struggle and limitations of that era but above board the humour has not been missed out rather it stands out.

The man behind Roomani Duniyan is the writer well known as (Professor) Dr. S. M. H. Rizvi (Syed Mujawir Husain Rizvi) based at Allahabad. He holds a record of sorts! He is a legend in his own right and identified as father of Urdu romantic fiction. A craze in late 1950s and 1960s, Ibne Saeed in his 70s has not lost his fire and continues with his romantic vibes even now through the passage of time. Dr. S.M.H. Rizvi a man of diverse caliber has penned 1057 novels in Urdu & Hindi! Under the pen name “Ibne Saeed”. His thesis was titled “Elements of National integration in Urdu Poetry” which received several awards, including the coveted one from the Urdu Academy. He took up a teaching assignment in Allahabad University and later shifted to the Central University of Hyderabad, from where he retired as professor and head of the Urdu Department in 1993. Dr. Rizvi believes that language and culture are not the dividing factors. “Instead they are unifying factors. If ever India, Pakistan and Bangladesh decide to become a confederation then the unifying factor of that confederation will be Urdu.”

Dr. Rizvi adds with choked voice: “ Chaman mein ek baar phir roothi bahar wapas aa sakti hai (The disgruntled spring may once again return).