Rang Maza Vegala

Shrikant Karnik, Swati Karnik and Mai are three members this family, out of this Shrikant does not have any close relative other than Swati. Mai had looked after Shrikant since his childhood. Shrikant have achieved a lot in his business because of his hardwork and intelligence, and now business is everything for Shrikant.

Swati Karnik, her maiden name is Swati Kelkar, she was born in a cultured family, she has very good upbringing. She had father, mother and a small sister, very close knitted family.

Shri and Swati were working together in social welfare organization. They fell in love and got married. Vishwanath, one who was working in the same organization, is the close friend of Shrikant and Swati.
Other characters like Mai, Sathe kaka, wife of Vishwanath, Swati’s sister all these characters appear according to the requirement of the scenes.

Now about everyone`s nature and personality:

Shrikant Karnik:

Shri is very straightforward, stubborn, very thoughtful, intelligent, eager to accept new challenges. Because of all these things many a times Swati gets neglected by Shrikant. He is very possessive about Swati, he loved Swati very much, he loves her even now but, now Swati has become his second priority, his first priority is his work, his aim, his company, his office, his meetings, that's all! but he always wanted Swati to be with him because Swati was his strength. Shri had typical male ego.

Swati :

Swati is fond of her home and family. She had left her job without grumbling because Shri told so! Swati is sensitive, very cool tempered, even when gets angry within no time she would be normal. She used to understand Shrikant very well. Whenever Shri needs her support she extended it whole heartedly. Swati does not like any nonsense. Till now she has played the roles of fiancée, wife, a good friend, a teacher to Shrikant and taken good care of him. Both of them don’t find any need of conversation anymore because they know each other so well.
Five years of love affair and seven years of marriage, they are together for last 12 years, more than a decade!

But nowadays Swati feels there is some unknown new identity for both of them, blurred fog in between their relationship, some vacuum between them ,which is trying to affect and loosen the ties of their relationship. The whole thing started that day.
It was Shrikant`s birthday. Swati and Mai were waiting for Shrikant since evening. Door bell rang, Sathe kaka arrived, bouquet was also delivered, Cake was also delivered which was ordered by Swati, But Shrikant had not yet come.Swati got irritated as usual for some time and then became normal.Sathe kaka knew the reason for Shrikant being late, but he did not want to disclose it to Swati.
There is some problem in Shrikant`s company. Workers are threatening to go on strike. Workers are also threatening Shrikant that, if he does not take care of their demands something may go wrong even with his life! Unfortunately, the leader of this union is none other than Vishwanath.Shrikant developed the whole company out of his hardwork and dedication. He offered job to Vishwanath considering his circumstances. But now Shrikant does not like the stand taken by Vishwanath.Whether Vishwanath is fair or not, but opposing Shrikant and supporting workers is not fair on his part, because Shrikant had helped him in his worst days. Now at any cost Shrikant wants to break unity among the workers! He wants workers to throw Vishwanath away from them, because Shrikant knows that workers are using Vishwanath`s brain for calling on strike.
But how to go about it? At any cost, Vishwanth cannot be bought out of money. Only one thing is left is to get into them, create misunderstandings among the workers and Vishwanath! and split them smartly. But who will do this job? He has terrible plan in his mind, but who will execute it? He wants someone who will never be doubted! He does not find anyone; suddenly one name clicks "Mrs Swati Shrikant Karnik"

Just for the sake of Shrikant, Swati joins office. She joins office just to help Shrikant, but the real job is done by Shrikant! Swati or Vishwanath, both are totally unaware of his plot. Swati is just a puppet in Shrikant`s hands, he is going to decide every move of her.
But how long it will go on?
All of a sudden one-day two groups are in front of each other, Swati Karnik V/S Shrikant Karnik!
Now game is over, and never-ending struggle begins.. .. .. .. ..