Padari Ala Abhal

(Based on most popular – Marathi Novel written by Vinita Ainapure.)

In the era of disturbing family systems. This story happed in the common family. The unusual story of a mother. A unique story of a family or a journey of a struggle in the family.

Destining destroyed the family….

One family hand over his 4 years child to the other family. Other family bounded with the promises and they both Husband and wife. Both are the example of Milestones of the humanity.

Here Love affection and humanity is proved more than blood relation. And this relation is created by God or nature which is defineless.

Blood relation, Human relation, Professional relation, Legal relation, Indian Culture and Indian relationship – defines through out the story….

Without expecting anything from the nature and society how the family sacrifice for the kid, is a unique example of the humanity. How the mother devotes her duties for a kid like a Godess ? Her sacrifice, her emotional out burst… How she tries to save him… this story is having 24 years span i.e. 1960 to 1984.

After 24 years struggle of life, emotion and duties. The young boy again destroyed by destiny and how old couple gets only the sky on their palm. “Padari Aala Abhal” is the best seller in Marathi Literature which covers all angles, colours of human relations.