Mother & Child Care

Over 1 lakh women in India die due to improper antenatal care…….

This is the newspaper item that prompted Provideo to start the production of a television serial on Mother and Childcare. Thus began “Mamata Ka Aangan” – A Mother and Childcare program. The program was presented by Dr. Maya Alagh.

“Mamata Ka Aangan” is a Mother and Childcare program. It is in a docudrama format. In each episode a Healthcare subject is discussed by the compare (Dr. Maya Alagh) with the doctor specialized in that particular subject in the program, and the Healthcare situation is dramatized to create an impact and communicate to the audience with greater clarity, as well as have an inbuilt entertainment i.e. infotainment advantage.

For instance if we are showing bedwetting we show one family where a child wets the bed and is diagnosed as the girl has some worms due to which irritation is caused in the girl child. In another situation because of sibling rivalry a psychological problem is created for the child who wets the bed. All these without dramatizing would not make the episodes interesting.

So the docudrama format is used very successful here.