Kahani Nahi Jivan Hai

This is story about a girl “Vasudha”, who has never ever been fortunate enough to receive happiness. But through sheer hard work and principles makes a place for herself in society.

The story of this woman begins when she is born in the family of Bhawani Shankar. She is the 5th child and that too girl. In a family that was expecting a boy Vasudha’s birth is the most unwelcome need in the household. Bhawani starts hating his own child. Even Vasudha’s sisters start hating her. They all start finding her unlucky. The only person to like her, is her maternal grandfather.

Seeing Vasudha go through hardships at early age. Vasudha’s grandfather takes her away to the village. Vasudha’s is then brought up in her grandfathers’ house. She accompanies him in all his trips. Vasudha’s life gets entwined with her grandfather in a comfortable way.

Time passes by. Vasudha blossoms into a beautiful girl. But even before she enters womanhood the Zamindarni Rajeshwari asks for her hand for her son Shripati. But Vasudha refuses to get married because she is in love with her childhood friend Shivprasad. She dreams of spending her lifetime with him. But Bhawani finds this dangerous to his motives. Hence he lies to Vasudha that Shiv has already got married and it would be better for her if she forgets him. He tries all kinds of means and methods of emotional blackmail. Actually it would have been a good deal for Bhawani as Rajeshwari has promised that she would help him monetarily for his other four daughters weddings. Eventually Vasudha sacrifices her dreams and desires in order to improve her sisters’ life. She agrees to marry Shripati.

On the day of her wedding poor Vasudha comes to know that her husband is an extravagant alcoholic and has a mistress called Mohini But Vasudha learns to compromise with her marital life from that very day. Soon she becomes the mother of two daughters. Vasudha becomes pregnant for 3rd time. This time Mohini conspires against her. She poisons the mind of Vasudha’s mother-in-law with the help of an astrologer convincing her that Vasudha can never deliver a boy. This annoys her mother-in-law and she throws her out of the house.

Poor and pregnant Vasudha searches for a place where she can relax. She goes to her sisters’ and fathers’ house, but to no avail. At last she has to go to her grandfathers house, where she gives birth to a boy.

Vasudha becomes extremely happy but this happiness last for every few days because the place she was staying with her grandfather belonged to a trust and her grandfather was no more. She has to leave that place too.

Shripati makes Mohini the owner of his haveli. But there comes a time when he has to pay his debts and the haveli needs to be sold off. But Mohini refuses to do so. Shripati in his anger murders Mohini. But before she dies she asks Vasudha to take care of her son.

Now Vasudha is responsible for four children. She does not loose hope and let circumstances overtake her. She goes o the city in search for work, there she meets her long lost friend, Shivprasad. Shivprasad is still a bachelor for he is eternally in love with Vasudha. Shivprasad helps Vasudha in getting a job in the same factory he has been working in. But things change so fast that she becomes the owner of the factory.

Today Vasudha is a business tycoon. Her living standards have dramatically changed. Her children have been ‘strictly’ brought up in a traditional background but they still have modern outlook. Vasudha becomes the president of the chamber of commerce as Rajlaxmi nominates her.

Vasudha’s elder daughter Prachi is in love with Rajlaxmi’s eldest son Rajesh. But he is in love Ragini. Vasudha’s brother-in-law Damodar still wants to take revenge. He again conspires. In the process Ragini is killed and he puts the blame on Vasudha. This instigates Rajesh to avenge Ragini’s death. He too gets involved with Damodar. He calls Prachi to an isolated Bungalow and takes advantage of her. When Vasudha comes to know about it she immediately speaks to Rajlaxmi. Rajlaxmi promises Vasudha that Prachi would certainly be her daughter-in-law. But Rajesh refuses to get married to Prachi. He accuses Prachi of being characterless and himself to be innocent of any such crime. Rajlaxmi believes in her son and too starts playing games with Vasudha. But Rajlaxmi’s daughter Pooja and Vasudha’s elder son Chetan is in love with each other. She wants that Prachi should get married to her brother Rajesh. In order to pressurize her mother she runs away with Chetan. Eventually such circumstances arise that Prachi gets married to Rajesh and Pooja gets married to Chetan. But Vasudha is unable to forgive Chetan and throws him out of the house. Chetan starts living with his in-laws in their home. And the story goes on with new players and their turmoil with life ‘n’ circumstances.