Justaju Jiski Hai

One wrong decision in life and you suffer through out your life, and with you all your loved ones also suffer…. and that stage one thinks… Kaash Aise Nahin Kiya Hota…. Kaash Aisa Kiya Hota….

This is the story of girl Mansi, a wrong decision by her father Kamta Prasad makes the life very difficult for her, her Justju Jiski Hai… the story however moves on…

Kamta Prasad, a doctor has lost his wife when his children were very young. His wife died due to lack of Medical facilities. He takes a vow that he will build a speciality Hospital with all modern facilities, he wanted his son Krishnakant to become a doctor but he is not interested in this profession. So his daughter becomes a doctor and he wanted her to marry a NRI friend’s son who is a specialist, Dr. Siddhant. But Mansi meets an Army Officer, Sahil and falling love. Krishnakant unwillingly accepts her wish (Justju) and they get married. But takes Sahil to Kargil War immediately and is missing in war. Seven years pass by father and sister in low and Siddhant want Mansi to line normal life and get married again. Mansi relents and gets married to Siddhant. Fate again plays is game and Sahil is spotted during her honeymoon in a wheel chair…. Now what should Mansi do? Whose wife is she anyway, Siddhant relents, Mansi takes Sahil to her hospital for treatment. What happens next is the drama to hold the audience on TV….