Haste Hasate

PROVIDEO presents a new dimension to entertainment for television viewers. Titled “The Kings of Comedy” this series is a tribute to the comedians who ruled Hindi Cinema. Compared by the charming Varsha Usgaonkar (who brings a dash of vivacious perkiness to the programme) and the mass appeal comedians of the day, Asrani & Lakshmikant Berde, this extensively researched serial is a rib tickling journey down the comedy lane. Of course, there is also another attraction, the puppet Khushiram who keeps chipping in with his naughty comments and adds to the already riotously funny situation. Each episode features a different comedian and showcases his best performances through the years. This comedian has had an unusually long run or has been rather prolific, he returns in the following episode too.

“The Kings of Comedy” (as it will be called in English) promises to be a feast of choice offerings from Hindi film comedy, both for the critic and the general viewer. We have lined up for you an impressive range of stalwarts from Mehbood, Johny Walker, Dhumal and the like, to Gope and Charlie etc.