Goshta Tighanchi

Rural area of Maharashtra – Kokan. A young and beautiful girl Prabha (Aaishwarya Narkar) after completing her education she shifted to Mumbai for a job because her father (Shikant Gandhi ) is a retired government servant and her brother (Sagar Modak) is an engineering student. Her mother (Alka Kanade) is a simple housewife.

Her Aunty (Sheetal Shukla) helps her by accommodating in her house. Her son is far away in western countries. Finally Prabha gets a job in an office where Satish (Avinash Narkar) is her senior officer and Abhay (Tushar Dalvi) is her colleague. Satish is so sincere & devoted to work that friends and party do not exist for him. Gradually Prabha gets impressed by his sincerity and hard work nature. She falls in love with him. On the contrary Abhay is a happy go lucky person. After work he enjoys being with friends.

Mean while Satish starts private tution classes for students as a side business. He requests Prabha to help him for accounts. Prabha does the work without any payment. Since Prabha loves him she starts hard working – devoting her maximum time for classes. Aunty tries to convince her to propose Satish for marriage. On the other hand Abhay starts liking Prabha. He is concerned about Prabha a lot. Abhay gifted Prabha with a collection of poems even took her to a restaurant. Satish is always talking about money – flat – coaching class – promotion – future plans etc; Prabha finds herself in dilemma. But Prabha convinces herself that she loves Satish only.

Satish left his Job and opened branches of his coaching class. And in the process he makes money also and bought a flat. Prabha got surprised when Satish took to his flats and introduces him his fiancée (Mrinal Bendre) to Prabha. Prabha was shocked but some how she controls herself but could not help slapping Satish. What happens late is worth watching on screen only.

This simple story is treated softly by director Pradeep Ghonshikar. Who has theater background and working experiences with people like Sagar Sarhadi as his assistant. This telefilm reminds us the films made by directors like Mukherjee and Basu Chatterjee.