Amaravati Ki Kathayein

A 13 Episodes Tele Series

A Sahitya Academy Award winning Telugu BOOK OF SHORT STORIES BY Shri. Satyam Sakaramanachi. The genre of the program is classics from literature (Short stories), duration 22½mnts. These stories are from the book “Amaravati Ki Kathalu” which is a collection of 100 short stories depicting the life in Amaravati, which won the Telugu Sahitya Academy Award for the writer Shri. Satyam Sankaramanchi.

A path breaking TV series

These short stories have won acclaim not only with the literary intelligentia but also the common man of Andhra Pradesh. Reading these stories in Telugu is a rare and refreshing experience as each story makes a definite statement in a deliberately underplayed and subtle style, against a background of gentle humour, a glimmer of romance and a touch of inescapable cruelty. This pattern of human interest against the main fabric of social issues is what makes these stories memorable and thus ideal for visualisation, especially through television. This enormously delicate task has been handled with characteristic perfection by Shri. Benegal.

The press quotes speak for themselves.

Quote from Press:

By Shaileja Vajapai – Indian Express Delhi : -
“Amaravati Ki Kathayein” is a rebuke to all of us who consistently complain that television and quality are irreconcilable enemies.

By Late Iqbal Masud – Times of India Bombay : -

“This is a truly path breaking series. It should lead DD to reflect whether it should sell out so crassly to the world of grimmicks, beauty competitions, third-rate game shows, trashy melodramas or contemporary thrillers. DD should make its channels more decent and civilized with series like “Amaravati Ki Kathayein”. The series is produced by “Provideo”.

By Amita Malik - Pioneer New Delhi : -

“Sorry, but my main points still holds, as was proved by the delectable third episodes, “Bus” – based on a award-winning Telugu short story, which had everything on the bus journey, including a child-birth. Both serials are light,

By Amita Malik – Sight & Sound in Hindustan Times Delhi :-

“Serials made from short stories are far more enjoyable than the normal song and dance fare dished out on television. It reminds me of earlier series, like “Ek Kahani”, also based on regional short stories but with regional actors and actresses speaking Hindi in local accents to add to the authenticity.